Tech Tips for Home Care Businesses - Save Time and Money

As a home care business, you can benefit from utilizing software-as-a-service, known as SaaS, products to operate more efficiently. Learn about what SaaS is and some available products to help save your business both time and money.  

TechTarget defines Saas “…as a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet.” SaaS falls under the umbrella of cloud computing technology. The primary benefit of SaaS products is that you will not need to retain a large, in-house IT department. Your third-party vendor will handle tasks like routine maintenance scans, system updates, and software licensing. TechTarget lists other benefits of SaaS, including flexible payment options and automatic software updates.

Microsoft Azure provides a more comprehensive overview of Saas. Services include hosted applications, development tools and database management, operating systems, servers and storage, networking firewalls and security, and data center physical plants/buildings. By using Saas products, you will be able to utilize sophisticated applications, such as Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), that you otherwise may not have purchased. With SaaS, you will only pay for what you actually use, as your service package will automatically scale based on the usage level.

SaaS products will be a good fit for your home care business since most allow employees to work from anywhere. Employees are able to access your business network from any device connected to the Internet. They can check email and submit paperwork from client visits from the comfort of their own home.

Below are descriptions of just a few of the SaaS products on the market today:

  • Google Apps for Business: This service starts at just $5 per employee per month. With Google Apps, all your employees will have a company email address. You will receive 30GB of storage per user with the Basic edition. You can upgrade to the Business or Enterprise options if you require more storage space. Other benefits include 24/7 live customer support, easy data migration, and mobile device management.

  • Office 365: Microsoft’s Office 365 offers three service tiers. The business essentials package is $5.00 per user per month and includes email and services like SharePoint. The business premium is $12.50 and includes everything in the essentials package plus applications like Word and PowerPoint. The business option is $8.25 and includes everything the premium does except for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. All of the tiers require an annual contract.

  • Citrix GoToMeeting: This product offers online meeting hosting services. The starter package is  $14/month for 10 users, with features such as unlimited meetings, screen sharing, and mobile applications. The most popular package is the pro, which costs $29/month, for 150 users. It includes all of the starter package features plus meting transcripts. The final package is the plus for $39/month and goes up to 250 users. An additional feature is an inroom link, which connects to your existing conference room system.

  • Concur: Concur is an SAP product and offers many services, including expense and travel management. You can also utilize Concur for automated invoicing.

PC Magazine compiled a list of its top 50 SaaS products for Small Businesses. Check it out and see which of these might be a good fit for you as you look to operate your home care business more efficiently.