Our Favorite Mobile Apps for Seniors

We typically don’t think of seniors as users of cutting-edge mobile apps, but according to research, more seniors use smartphones than ever before. And as the rest of us age, this number will only increase. With that in mind, we’ve collected our thirteen favorite mobile apps that can help keep your aging relatives social, safe, and happy.

1. Pandora/iHeart Radio

One of the best things about our smartphones is the music. There are plenty of popular applications (like Pandora or the iHeart Radio Network) that your aging relatives might enjoy. Install it on their phones and help them pick out a few channels of their favorites.

2. Skype

What better way to stay connected than Skype for mobile? This is a great app to include for general video chatting or staying in contact with the tech-obsessed grandkids.

3. WebMD

Yep, WebMD has an app! It comes with plenty of handy features, including a symptom checker and database of information that your relatives can access on the go.

4. Pillboxie

Medication reminders are one of the best uses of smartphone tech for seniors. Consider an app like Pillboxie. Not only is it convenient, but it can provide life-saving reminders for seniors who struggle to maintain a stable medication schedule.

5. Find my iPhone

Does your relative misplace items frequently? If so, the Find my iPhone app is a great tool. Just sign up and you can easily track the location of a lost iPhone, perfect for those who struggle with short-term memory loss.

6. Mint

Mint is one of the easiest financial tracking tools out there. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to understand it, and the app comes with plenty of features to automatically manage finances and provide visibility into spending.

7. Kindle App or iBooks

If your relative is an avid reader, try introducing them to eBooks! Kindle, or apps like iBooks, are great ways to find new reading material. They also contain helpful screen adjustment features to increase text size for those who struggle with small print.

8. Blood Pressure Monitoring

Apps like the iCare Health Monitor let users monitor their blood pressure via mobile device. While these tools don’t replace a trip to the doctor, they’re becoming surprisingly accurate and can be great ways to monitor your condition over time.

9. Netflix

There’s something for everyone on Netflix. Help them cut the cord and ditch that expensive cable package.

10. AARP Now App

The AARP Now app is a good way to stay up-to-date with trending AARP news, local events, and policy updates. If your relative is a member, this one is worth a look. 

11. Senior Savings

This great app collects information from nearby restaurants, businesses, and stores that offer senior discounts. It’s a handy tool that can add up to big savings in the long run. If your relative is still active in the community, this one’s a must-have.

12. GoodRX

With healthcare costs increasing, every little bit helps. GoodRX is a helpful tool that compares medication prices across businesses and even offers coupons to help bring down prescription prices.

13. Red Panic Button

Remember Life Alert? This application is the same thing, giving users a quick way to call for help at the click of a button. As long as your relative can reach his/her phone, they’ll always have a way to get assistance.

Integrating Apps Into Home Care

Apps don’t replace the need for home care—but they’re great supplementary tools to help you manage your relative’s schedule and keep them safe. Work with your relatives and home care providers to discuss bringing these tools into your home care plan.