Build a Strong Camp to Weather Any Storm

From May 7th to 8th­ get ready for the Washington Home Care Association’s 12th annual conference, Blooming with the Boomers!  The theme of this year’s conference is camping, where the goal is to help you “Build a Strong Camp to Weather Any Storm” in home care! You can learn everything you need to know about all the various challenges that face a home care business, ranging from the regulations in home care to the new WACs that have recently come into effect.

We understand that a home care business is faced with many challenges that can make it difficult to provide the best care possible, and that is why we want to help everyone we can in the hopes of making your home care service the best it can be.

This two-day event is packed with local and national speakers sharing their stories and insight so that you can provide the best home care possible, along with various sponsorships and events that will be sure to help you along your journey.

There are a wide variety of reasons as to why attending Blooming with The Boomers is a great choice. This is a great opportunity to build partnerships with influential home care leaders who may be able to help you personally or professionally, as well the perfect chance for those in the industry to network and connect with their peers to work together on the tough challenges that they face in their line of work.

There will also be various types of exhibits and demonstrations throughout the 2-day trip that will sure to be educational as well as a fun way to share an experience with your team or other likeminded people working in the industry. You can even use this opportunity to share your own product or service! The Washington Home Care Association has created a fabulous program that will provide valuable information for everyone who attends, no matter what section of the Home Care industry you work in.

This fun and educational camping event is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning more about home care, but this especially great for people who are…

·       Home Care Owners

·       Executive Directors

·       Upper Management

·       Professionals in Human Resources

·       Professionals Business Development

·       Marketing Teams

·       Client Services

·       Care Coordinators

·       Caregiver Supervisors

And anyone else who is passionate about home care! Whether you bring just yourself or your entire team, this is sure to be a conference you would not want to miss. Registration is still open so be sure to sign up right away in order to secure your attendance to this wonderful experience.